Solar Panels

California Primary school has been successful in its bid for funding from the Co-operative  for solar panels.  They donated  £10,000 and the Government matched this.  Many thanks to Mrs Irene Downie for nominating our school.

The 4kWp solar systems generate on average 3,300 kWh of electricity per year – enough to power over 33,000 hours of computer use, or an average three-bedroom house every year. 

On top of this, for each kWh of electricity produced, 568 grams of carbon dioxide is prevented from entering our atmosphere - over two tonnes a year. 
In addition to cutting carbon dioxide emissions, the instillation and use of solar panels acts as a powerful demonstration to our pupils, teachers and the local community of solutions available to tackle climate change. 

This will help to reduce fuel bills, which will be particularly important as the new devolved budget arrangements include the costs for fuel.

We have a Solar Totaliser monitor which shows a live running total of the electricity generated and the carbon dioxide saved.